Do you offer make up lessons?
While they are not guaranteed, 1 make up class is allowed per student for our 2019 Fall 1 session. Currently, our make up classes are Friday afternoons/evenings before open swim and Saturdays before open swim. It is First Come, First Serve so please either call or stop by the front desk as soon as you know you are going to miss a class, so we can get you scheduled right away. #262-512-7946. Please note, we do not schedule makeups over email.  

What if my child is not in the right class?
First and foremost, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s current swim class, please do not hesitate to talk to us at the front desk area or give us a call. It is important to us that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with us. Parent feedback can often be the missing link to move a new swimmer forward in our program.

What is OPEN SWIM and what time is it available?
Open swim is an opportunity for you and your immediate family to swim together during our designated time. Our 2019 Fall 1 session open swim is currently held on Fridays 6:30pm – 8:30pm and Saturdays 1:00pm-2:30pm. It is free during the session you are registered (current clients).

Please note our open swim rules:
1. Parent must be in the water with children ages 14 and under.
2. No mermaid tails or flotation devices not Coast Guard approved.
3. Children who are not potty trained must wear re-usable swim diapers.
It is also open to the community at a per person & per family rate ($20/family or $5 per individual).

What is your locker room/bathroom policy? 

We do not allow children 5 years and older to be in the locker rooms of the opposite sex. If your child needs assistance, we ask you please use the family locker rooms. We can also open up our private staff bathroom/shower if needed. If you don’t absolutely need the family bathrooms for changing, we ask you please keep open for families of opposite sex children that are trying to change & need help.Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter. We appreciate it.

What is your refer a friend program?
We want to say thank you to our clients that are kind enough to refer a friend. Referrals mean the world to us and we can’t thank you enough. For every friend you refer that registers you receive a gift card to Splash! that you can use towards any future services including swim lessons, birthday parties, and wellness fitness classes.

What skills do you suggest to practice when were not at swim lessons?
That depends on what skills your child is working on at the moment. We encourage you to swim as a family whenever you get a chance! We love helping with ideas to practice when you’re not at swim lessons so please don’t hesitate to ask us at any time. Skills can range from breath holding in the bath tub to practicing streamlining and starts from the wall. Your instructor, deck supervisor, and office assistants will be able to help with ideas by assessing what skills would benefit your child most.

Do you offer multiple child discounts on session fees?
Yes! Your second child receives 10% off their session fee, your third child receives 20% off their session fee, and your fourth child receives 30% off their session fee. All discounts will be applied at registration. Please call for pricing @ #262-512-7946. Thank you!

Are there additional fees?
In addition to the session fee, we also have an annual registration fee of per student. Please call for pricing.  We do have multiple child discounts for our annual registration fees, as well.

Do you have a refund policy?
We have a 48 hour refund policy for the session fee. After 48 hours, we do not refund the session fee, but we can move you to a different spot in the schedule as long as there is space. Our annual registration fee (which is different from the session fee) is non-refundable once paid. If an unforeseen family/medical emergency takes place, we take this on a case by case basis, and do give session refunds or credit in situations like these. Thank you!

Are swim diapers required?
Swim diapers are required for children who are not yet or newly potty trained. To keep our pool clean and safe from occurrences, we require re-usable swim diapers because they work better in our pool. We do sell reusable diapers at the front desk, and they come in multiple colors. Otherwise, you should be able to find reusable swim diapers at places like Walmart, Target, etc.

Do you offer water safety talks?
Yes, we love promoting water safety and we want to share it with the community. Please let us know if you would like us to come visit your school, daycare or mom’s/play group to educate on water safety.

Do you offer a time for field trips?
Yes, field trips are so much fun at Splash! Swim and Wellness. We want to reach out to schools, day cares, mom’s/play groups you name it! We offer open swim during the day so the children can swim rain or shine in our 90 degree water. We also offer options for water safety talks and exercises in addition to the open swim. Please contact us for more information!

Our daycare has transportation. Can we bring a group for lessons?
Yes, and we even offer special pricing and scheduling. We would love to partner with your business to offer your clients an extra experience that sets your daycare apart from the rest.

What are your Office/Phone Hours?
Monday 9:00am – 7:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 7:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 7:30pm
Thursday 9:00am – 7:30pm
Friday 9:00am – 7:30pm
Saturday 8am – 2:30pm 
We are available on the phones at the front desk (or will be checking voice mail) during the above noted hours. Please note, at times our facility will be open earlier or later for certain swim classes, adult programs, private lessons, or birthday parties – but we can only answer phones (or check voice mail) at the above hours. 

How do you handle class cancellations?
If we have a closing due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc. we will personally call and/or email everyone scheduled for class. We will post the closing on our social media/website as well. Please make sure we have your best phone number & best email on file. Update 2019 Fall 1: Effective immediately – we no longer schedule makeups in an “Act of God” situation, such as severe inclement weather. Please note, we rarely cancel classes due to weather, as we would like to give our families the option to come if they wish. However, if there is ever an issue within our pool/facility and we need to cancel class, we will still schedule makeup classes.

Do you host children’s birthday parties?
YES, we do! Learn more here. 🙂


Splash! - 262-512- 7946 - swim@splashmequon.com - 10636 N. Commerce St. Mequon, WI 53092