April 12th, 2019. Instructor Radhika School Age 3 class (Spring 1).

August 7, 2018. One of our Splash! Angels coordinating kicking on back with Elementary back stroke for the first time!

July 13th, 2018. School Age 1 slideshow with Instructor Fynn! (2018 Summer Session).

May 30th, 2018. Our Big Celebration and Kids Triathlon is THIS Sunday!

May 25th, 2018. School Age 1 with Instructor Anika (2018 Spring 2) Slideshow! 

March 29th, 2018. Adult Water Fitness Class with Splash! Training Supervisor Shelby!

February 24th, 2018. Baby 1 Class mini slide show with Splash! Owner Kimberly Metz.

December 8, 2017. Training Supervisor Shelby (with help from Miles & Molly) announces the WINNER of our Customer Appreciation Drawing!

December 6, 2017. Slideshow of our Splash! Staff Christmas Party @ The Reserve!

October 21st, 2017. Congratulations to our Fall 1 Swim Students! Great Job!

October 20th, 2017. Dolphin kick practice. Great job, L! (Preschool 3)

October 10th, 2017. Great Job, M & M, practicing your Pre2 swim skills!

August 26th, 2017.Congratulations to our summer swim students!

August 18th, 2017. We’ve picked a WINNER to our Back-To-School Drawing!

June 30, 2017. Slideshow (photo & video) of our 2017 Kids Triathlon!

June 29, 2017. Baby 2 Swim slideshow with Instructor Gretchen! (2017 Summer)

May 17, 2017. Join us for our annual KIDS TRIATHLON on Sunday, June 4th 2017!

March 27, 2017. Video clip of K swimming in Instructor Allison’s Pre3 Class!

March 10, 2017. Please enter our 4th year anniversary customer appreciation drawings!

February 6, 2017. Mini Clip of Savannah’s Preschool Level 3 class!

January 20, 2017. Mini Clip of KIRA! (Preschool Level 3 class with Instructor Allison.)

December 8, 2016. Announcing the WINNER of our Customer Appreciation Holiday Drawing; a very special guest announces the winner!

November 22, 2016. Baby 1 Class 2016 Fall 2 Session with Instructor Allison.

November 11, 2016. It’s time for another Customer Appreciation Drawing! Just because you are Awesome! 😀

June 20, 2016. Announcing the WINNER of our 2016 Father’s Day Drawing!

June 10, 2016. Good Luck Ms. Shelby in Your New Career! We will miss you very much!

June 6, 2016. Manager/Instructor Tyler’s Baby 1 Class in our 2016 Spring 2 Session!

May 31, 2016. Here is our 2016 May Kids Triathlon Slide Show! Congratulations to all!

May 6, 2016. Announcing the winner of our Mother’s Day Drawing here at Splash!

March 29, 2016. Jude swimming with Splash Instructor Allison in his BABY 2 class!

March 6, 2016. Mini Clip Introducing 13 month old LARK swimming at Splash! Way to go, Lark!

January 1, 2016. We are happy to announce that over the holiday break, we have installed the HydroRite UVO3 which means we will now have even cleaner air and water due to this UV/Ozone system! Here is some more info:

2015 Fall 2 Swim Session Video Clips!

Video Clips from Manager / Instructor Tyler’s School Age Swim Class!(2015 Fall 2)

Watch Splash! Student – Abigail – Swim The Length of our Pool! Age 5!
Clips From Splash! Swim Classes!(2015)

Our 2015 Summer Triathlon!

Clip from Manager / Instructor Tyler’s Swim Class!(2015)

Some Clips From Manager / Instructor Shelby’s Class!(2015)

Some Clips from our 2015 Winter Session!

2014 Baby Class!

Tucker – rollover breathing!

Elliot – backstroke the whole length of the pool !

4 Year Project : Early Swimming Lessons & Improved Cognitive Development.

Splash! Swim & Wellness One Year Anniversary “Look Back In Time” Slideshow!

Little Video Clips of some of our Little Swimmers!

Splash Student 4 Year Old Abigail!