Competitive Swim Prep


Competitive Swim Prep (CSP)

There are no age requirements for CSP. Swimmers will require a recommendation from a Splash! swim instructor to participate in our CSP program. Currently, CSP is held for one hour every Tuesday evening from 6:20pm-7:20pm at Splash. 

The CSP group will strive to echo the learning processes of a swim team, while still adhering to Splash’s fundamental goals of aquatic safety, physical fitness and a love of the water. CSP is currently limited to 6 athletes. The workouts will be comprised of technical discussions about form, videotaping for the athletes to view their own strokes and plenty of drills to maximize effectiveness in the water.

We recommend the purchase of a snorkel for individual use in this class. Swim caps and goggles are required. Water bottles are encouraged.

The goals of CSP include mastery of the four individual competitive swimming strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle), proficiency with a variety of competitive turns (open, flip, bucket, crossover) and the groundwork understanding of the Rules of the Pool and terminology utilized by a swim team.

Skills to develop:

  • Legal and efficient versions of all four swimming strokes
  • Turns for all strokes
  • Turns within an individual medley
  • Circle swimming
  • Use of a clock for send offs
  • Endurance similar to that required by swim teams

Please call us at #262-512-7946 for more information or to register. Thank you!