Ms. Elizabeth

Ms. Elizabeth was born in Illinois, and has lived in Mequon for 13 years. She is a junior & is currently home-schooled. She plans to attend college, and is interested in exercise science/physical therapy. Elizabeth has always been around swimming because all of her siblings are competitive swimmers at Schroeder, or at their colleges. She took swimming lessons, and did swim team for a while, but ultimately concentrated in a different sport. She is now a Diver at Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center. As a diver, she enjoys jumping into the water and having fun it it. Besides now teaching swimming lessons, her experience working with children includes teaching gymnastics and baby sitting. She hopes to show her Splash swimmers that water & swimming can be fun, while also teaching them the safety required to be in and around the water.  In addition to swimming, and going to both beaches and water-parks, Elizabeth also enjoys water-coloring, reading, and playing with her cockapoo named Harry.