Watch A Clip of Instructor Morgan’s Class!

February 23, 2015. We love having Instructor Morgan on staff here at Splash. She loves all the kids she works with, and is both encouraging and patient. Morgan often incorporates toys (as do our other Instructors) into lessons to make swimming exercises more fun! Here is a short clip of one of her classes!

Watch 4 Year Old Abigail Swim The Length Of Our Pool!

August 22, 2014. We thought we would bring you a fun video today of Splash Swimmer, 4 year old Abigail, swimming the entire length of the Splash Pool! She is perfecting her Rollover Breathing Technique! 50 ft is quite a ways. She did a fantastic job!

Can We See Your Great Splash Photos?

August 13, 2014. Hi Splash! Swimmers! We teachers over here at Splash were just thinking, “Wow, there are alot of you taking Great photos of your loved ones at Splash! And We’d LOVE to see them!” Please feel free to SHARE any of your Splash Photos on our Facebook Page (, or email them to us…

Very Interesting 4 Year Study/Project on Early Childhood Swim Lessons & Cognitive Development

March 10, 2014. We wanted to share an exciting swim study published by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research that has shown young children who participate in swim lessons, demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than children who did not participate in swim lessons. “While we expected the children to show better physical development…