July 31, 2017. Greetings Splash! Families! We just wanted to share that Splash owner Kimberly Metz had the opportunity to visit & observe SWIM Kids USA in Mesa, Arizona this past weekend! Below is a photo of Kimberly with the SWIM Kids USA & Water SMART Babies President & Founder Lana Whitehead and Bette Pipes. They have over 45 years experience in the swim industry! It was a great pleasure & honor meeting & learning from them!  Incredible research being done on the positive effects baby swim lessons/movement in the water has on cognitive/brain development. Learn more about SWIM kids HERE. 🙂 Lana is also a speaker and author. Kimberly has definitely felt she was “training with the best” this weekend! 

Pictured: Lana Whitehead, Kimberly Metz and Bette Pipes.
Water SMART Babies program in Mesa, Arizona (SWIM kids USA).