November 8, 2016. Hello Splash Families! We have a few fall 2 reminders for you! Please mark your calendars: Next Week is Registration Week for 2017 Winter Session. We will be posting more reminders about this.✰✰✰ ALSO, Splash will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday WED Nov. 23rd-SAT Nov. 26th. Thanks for taking note & we will be posting reminders as Thanksgiving gets closer. ✰✰✰And finally, we will be having another Customer Appreciation Drawing very soon! More details coming – so stay tuned! We will be posting all these updates again & let everyone know when our official “drawing” box will be ready for entries & what the “prize” will be! ***Hint***It will be to help fund your holiday cooking costs!!*** (prize drawing will be at the end of Fall 2). Thanks everyone. 🙂