November 4, 2016. Hello Everyone! We would like to introduce you to our awesome Fall 2 Splash SpotlightMiss Eva D!  Eva had her 1st lesson in our 2016 Winter Session. She was placed in School Age 1 & was determined to learn how to “not sink”, like her dad does. It was a tough couple of weeks for her as she learned how to keep her belly up, not flail her arms, and be able to float on top of the water. She was soon able to attain her rollover breath & completed the necessary skills to pass to School Age 2! Eva progressed through Level 2 quickly & switched to School Age 3 half way through summer. At the end of summer, staff began discussing swim team with her mom since we thought she would thrive on a competitive team. Eva is now swimming with the Competitive Swim Prep (CSP) class on Wednesday nights. Eva has achieved swimming goals beyond what was expected & is able to swim laps. It was amazing to witness how fast she has progressed & we are very proud of her for all she has accomplished!