September 9th, 2016. Hello Splash Swimmers, Families & Friends! We just wanted to explain why we are not using the Slide after each swim class this session. We wanted to use the entire lesson for more actual swim time & instruction, as “slide time” was eating up some of that lesson time. Also, even though we had an extra instructor/staff helping children come down the slide, we still decided there was too much of a safety hazard coming down the slide too fast, especially for the younger children. We do know a lot of the children had fun going down the slide though; so for those of you that are missing the slide, we have decided we will still use the slide during the last week of lessons. While we have not added any more actual classes in the pool, we have staggered (time-wise) some classes so there would be more space in the bathrooms/changing rooms. Especially when winter comes, we know it can get crowded; so we wanted to help with that issue. We can’t do the slide when there is that staggered swim class in the water, so that is another reason we aren’t doing slide as well. We hope that explains about our decision to not use the slide during weekly lessons; although, again, we WILL use the slide during certificate week – the last week of lessons each session. (Please communicate your wishes to us, that final week, if you do not want your child to go down the slide.) Thank you for your understanding!! Please stop by the front desk if you have any questions at all. 🙂