July 21, 2016. Hello Splash Swimmers! Just making everyone aware that July 17th – July 23rd is ” National Drowning Prevention Week ” (from the Livesaving Society).  Events and campaigns are taking place across the country all week to educate the public about drowning statistics & prevention.  As NDPA (the National Drowning Prevention Alliance) states: “Drowning IS Preventable!” We must all work together to end both drowning & aquatic injury by educating ourselves, our families, our friends & communities.  Here are some VERY important things to always remember:

  1. If you as a parent, are not in an ARMS reach of your little one, you are too far away. Please remember, when your children are in the water, this is NOT the time to be on your phone. Put the phone away, until your children are safely away from the water. Think about how easy it is to get caught up in texting, etc. Minutes can go by. This cannot be stated enough. Take the advice from loving parents that have suffered the un-imaginable loss of a dear child due to drowning. Distraction (in any form-phone, laptop, ipad, books, magazines, talking with friends, etc) around the water, can be deadly.
  2. Please be aware, that drowning can be, and often is QUIET. Don’t expect screaming and waiving around arms loudly & splashing to be your warning sign. Children can just slip under quickly and quietly. It can happen in less than 10 seconds! Again, this is why you need to use your EYES at all times. #DrowningIsPreventable
  3. Make sure ALL FENCING around pools are highly secure & locked, and there is no way a child can open the entrance.
  4. BOAT SOBER for all you adults out there.
  5. Always wear a lifejacket boating, especially children. Even your pets need a lifejacket! (we are not an affiliate to this link, just showing you options.)
  6. Continue in learning about water safety & taking swim lessons, whether child or Adult. You are never too old to learn how to swim. Many adults think it’s too late for them. Not at all!! Many adults are taking swim lessons for the first time!
  7. Never swim alone. Always bring a buddy for your own safety (and theirs.)
  8. Have massive respect for all bodies of water. We here at Splash want to foster a true love and enjoyment of the water for the rest of your life! This can be done, while still choosing to honor water safety at all times. 

Thank you for reading & choosing to be aware & an active participant of Drowning Prevention!!

SPLASH 2016 July 20