July 18, 2016. Hello Splash Swimmers! It’s 2016 Fall 1 Registration Week! This week, your swim instructors will be handing out skill sheets/evaluations so you know which next class to enroll your child in, come Fall 1! If you have any questions about the level, or the evaluation sheet, please don’t hesitate in asking your instructor to explain. Please register THIS WEEK, July 18th – July 23rd, to reserve your ideal day/time for fall swim class. Spots will fill up fast, so our best advice to you is to sign up this week. Please be aware, when you sign up & pay, we have a 48 hour refund policy of the session fee. If for any reason you want a refund within 48 hours, just let us know-no problem. If it’s a Sunday, just shoot us an email swim@splashmequon.com & we will be able to see it is still in that time frame. If the 48 hours pass, we cannot give refunds unfortunately, but we will definitely move you to another class if there is room in the schedule. If there is ever a medical/family true emergency, that is totally different, and we do give refunds in these instances. 2016 Fall 1 begins the week of AUGUST 29th and runs for both 7/8 weeks. Below is the detailed schedule. Again, please call us if you have any questions! #262-512-7946.

2016 FALL 1:
* Monday: August  29, 2016 – October 17, 2016 (7 weeks. Closed 9/5 for Labor Day)
* Tuesday: August 30, 2016 – October 18, 2016 (8 weeks)
* Wednesday: August 31, 2016 – October 19, 2016. (8 weeks)
* Thursday: September 1, 2016 – October 20, 2016 (8 weeks)
* Friday: September 2, 2016 – October 21, 2016 (8 weeks)
* Saturday: September 10, 2016 – October 22, 2016. (7 weeks. Closed 9/3 for Labor Day)