March 21, 2015. Hello Swimmers! We are having a fantastic Spring 1 session with all of you so far! Just a BIG reminder that today starts Registration Week for 2016 Spring 2 Session! If you are currently enrolled in Spring 1, your child’s swim instructor will give you his/her updated swim skill level this week so you know the level to register! We also will have it on file at the front desk.  Please register no later than THIS WEEK, because slots DO fill up very quickly, and we want to make sure to find a day/time that will work for your schedule. And just a reminder, when you do sign up, we have a 48 hour refund policy (for the session fee). After that time period, we cannot give a session refund, but we will be happy to move you to another class if there is room. If a medical emergency happens, we take this on a case by case basis; and in these instances will give session refunds.

If you have ANY questions about your child’s next level, please do not hesitate in talking to us or your child’s instructor. Thank you so much for swimming with us, and we hope you continue on into Spring 2! And just a quick heads up about Spring 2: it will run a bit shorter (6 and 7 weeks) due to Memorial Day Weekend. And stay tuned, as we most likely will be adding our Saturday Open Swim back in Spring 2 (as many people requested we bring it back)! We will let you know the time of the open swim as soon as it is finalized. Friday night open swim will remain. Thank you!!

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