March 16, 2016. We are happy to announce our student of the session! (of course, we are proud of all our swim students that give their best effort!) Our Spring 1 Splash Spotlight is SAM! Sam has been a swim student with us since March of 2014. When he started, he had a significant fear of the water. Anytime Sam’s swim instructors would try to put him under the water, he would cry. At times, he didn’t even want to come to lessons. After a lot of hard work, bravery & pushing past his comfort zones, Sam now has reached Preschool Level 3! He is able to roll over and swim independently! He has come to enjoy swimming so much, that he had his birthday party here at Splash, so he could swim in the pool with his family and friends. WOW – Way To Go, SAM!

SPLASH 2016 Spring 1 Spotlight SAM