February 8, 2016. Hello Everyone! Wow, we have received many registrations for our 2016 Spring 1 Session, but there are still a few slots available, including some parent child classes! Our Baby 1 class is for ages 6 months to 18 months (with a max of 6 babies per class). This parent/child class has its primary focus on safety. No prior swimming experience required at this level. We want your little one to feel comfortable and happy in the water. Our teaching techniques are creative and loving and we always teach in progression. Our main focus is to teach swim and safety skills along with proper holds, rolling over on the back, reaching for the wall, breathe holds, kicking, and having fun! For 2016 Spring 1, our Baby 1 Classes run for 8 weeks straight through for 30 minutes once per week. Here are some time slots available, as of today February 8, 2016:

TUESDAY 9:35am and 5:45pm
SATURDAY 10:45am

Please give us a call if you would be interested in taking a class with your infant in the pool here at Splash! We’d love to have you! Also, either 1 or both parents are invited to attend class in the pool. #262-512-7946

Baby 1 Class Mom and Me