December 15, 2014. Hi Splash! Swimmers! Just a reminder, as we are winding down our Last week of the Fall 2 Session, our Winter Session will be starting on Monday, January 5th, 2015. We also will have our Annual Registration fee kicking in for the Winter session. This covers the whole year, and the fee is $25. If you have 2 children registered, the 2nd child’s annual registration fee is reduced to $20. If you have 3 children with us, your 3rd child’s registration fee will be $0. If you have any questions about our annual registration fee, please don’t hesitate in calling us here #262-512-7946. Thank you again for swimming with us! We are very proud of all our swimmers finishing up Fall 2 Session STRONG !!! And , of course, we are excited also for Holiday Break to spend with our loved ones, family and friends. Getting that recharge and relaxation and celebration is so important. It will have us filled with Energy & Ready To Go for our much anticipated Winter Session!! By then, everyone will REALLY be appreciating their time in our 90 Degree Water! (Families, included – during Open Swim!)

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