October 20, 2014. Hello Everyone! We just wanted to remind you that our SPLASH! LIFEGUARD COURSE is happening THIS coming weekend! October 24th – 26th, 2014. There is still time to register, but please call soon #262-512-7946, as we need to do a pre-course swim test. Why become a Lifeguard? Well, besides having the incredibly important duty of SAVING LIVES, it also provides you a wonderful job, a way to meet new people, stay in shape, be a role model to kids, wear a swimsuit as your job uniform!, work inside or outside in the sun – just to name a few things! This course will test your swimming and diving abilities, but it will also teach you how to correctly strap someone to a rescue board, test your will power and your ability to stay CALM under different water rescue situations, and SO much more. You will LEARN ALOT during this weekend intensive, and also EARN your Lifeguard Certification. 🙂 #SaveLives
splash_2014_sept_lifeguard_course copy