July 21, 2014. Here is a copy of the Splash! Email that went out to our Subscriber list today. If you want our Emails and Newsletters to go directly to your email, sign up to our Email List Form anywhere on our website. You will see it to the RIGHT on all pages.  Thanks!!  —- >” Hey Splash Swimmers Summer Swim Camps, Registration Week & Make Up Class Info ! We hope you have had a fun & fantastic summer so far! We’ve had a great summer at SPLASH with you all, and we look forward to the rest of it! Our Swim Camp 3 starts today (July 21, 2014), and we have Swim Camp 4 (Aug 4 – Aug 15) and Swim Camp 5 ( Aug 18 – Aug 29) after that, if you are interested. They are 2 week , every day, intensives.
TODAY is the first day of REGISTRATION WEEK for Fall 1 Session.Registration Week runs from July 21 – July 26, 2014. Call us at #262-512-7946 to register your Ideal Day and Time for Fall 1 Session. You can still register anytime after this, of course, and we will still do our best to get you a day/time that works for you. Just right now, there are more openings that may fit your schedule.

Here is the Fall 1 Session Schedule :

FALL 1 SESSION : September 2, 2014 – October 25, 2014  (7 & 8 Weeks)

* Mondays: September 8, 2014-October 20, 2014  (7 Weeks – Closed For Labor Day)
* Tuesdays: September 2, 2014-October 21, 2014  (8 weeks)
* Wednesdays: September 3, 2014- October 22, 2014  (8 Weeks)
* Thursdays: September 4, 2014-October 23, 2014   (8 Weeks)
* Fridays: September 5, 2014-October 24, 2014  (8 Weeks)
* Saturdays: September 6, 2014-October 25, 2014  (8 Weeks)

Just a reminder, our Swim Classes are small. We never have more than 4 students per class. We do this so we can give extra individualized attention to all our Students.

And just a side note here about Make Up Classes. We give 1 make up class per session per student. Class is held on Saturdays from 11:55am – 12:25pm. However, they are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, and they fill up fast. So as SOON as you know you are going to miss your class, please call us, so we can get you in. Thanks for your understanding!


Kimberly & The Splash Staff  🙂

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