June 10, 2014. Last month on May 15th was International Water Safety Day. While the day has passed, ANY day is a great day to re-visit water safety. We would like to share this short video reminding us how very important it is to learn and practice water safety, and to know how to confidently swim! We know we teach a life-saving skill here at Splash!, and I hope you know what an important step you have taken towards you / and your child’s safety in the “water” world. We don’t live by a big ocean here in Mequon and surrounding areas, but we certainly live by Lake Michigan, and many bodies of water, rivers, pools, etc.  It is pretty mindblowing when you actually sit down and think about how much of our Planet is actually covered by water – a whopping 70%! Please encourage all your friends and family to practice water safety, and take lessons, young or old, whether it is here at Splash! or another reputable swim school.