March 5, 2014. Hi Everyone! We are loving Spring 1 Session so far, and we hope you are too! We are mid-week in week 1, but we wanted to remind you that you can STILL sign up for SPRING 1 SESSION. We pro-rate, depending on how many weeks are left in the session. Sometimes it can get confusing with all the Sessions and Levels, Days and Times of Classes, so please feel free to CALL US at ANYTIME. We would be happy to break it all down for you, and help you find the right class for either you or your children.  One of our mottos, along with”Promoting a Love of the Water for a LIFETIME”, is “We Are Here For YOU!” So Call us anytime – you are never a bother! In fact, it’s the exact opposite. We enjoy speaking with you, and informing you of everything you want to know about Splash! and how we can best serve your needs and interests! #262-512-7946

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